Taylor Martin’s Chiropractic training started with the foundation of kinesiology, physiology, athletics, and personal training. This background has offered Dr. Taylor an appreciation for detail to the fundamentals of human movement, the benefits of adapting to stress and the consequences of compensating to stress (physical, emotional, and chemical).

Taylor received his Chiropractic training at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and focuses his care on the techniques of Diversified, Activator, and Thompson. Along with having non-surgical spinal decompression available, Taylor and this office is equipped with the skill and tools to find the best way to care for your spine and nervous system to meet your goals of care.

With a passion for seeing his patients thrive, Taylor caters his technique to a wide range of patients. Whether you are working in the trades, in the office, competing as an athlete, retired, or a young family, everyone can benefit from having their spine checked and their nervous system operating to optimize your health.

Taylor has cottaged and worked in Muskoka at every opportunity and is now pleased to call it home with his wife and dog.

Out of the office you will find Taylor at the local rink playing hockey, at the gym, Lakeside or exploring some of Muskoka’s and Ontario’s hidden gems.